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How To Choose Prescription Swimming Goggles

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prescription swimming goggles - Our definition

prescription swimming goggles are swim goggles with corrective lenses that allow swimmers to see better in the water. With it, it is like swimming with glasses.

Nearsighted vs. Farsighted

For the moment, major manufacturers like Speedo and Tyr only make nearsighted swim goggles. The corrective lenses have negative (-) diopters. Negative prescription swimming goggles are for nearsighted swimmers.
Farsighted swim goggles aren't produced by these manufacturers. We notified them that there is a market for it, and customers are interested.

How to order your prescription swimming goggles

If you know a little math and have the prescription from you optometrist, it is very easy to determine your power. Take a look at your prescription for four numbers: the sphere (SPH) and cylinder (CYL) for each eye.

Sphere and Cylinder for each eye - Prescription Swim Goggles

Once you've located those numbers, use this formula:

(SPH) + 1/2(CYL) = Your Prescription

If we use the example in the prescription above, in the first eye we would have (+2.50) + 1/2(+1.00) = +3.00. In the second eye we would have (+1.75) + 1/2(+1.50) = +2.50. Remember that you must take into account negative values if you have them!

If you're not good at math, insert the numbers on your prescription below and the computer will figure it out for you! Be sure to do it once for each eye, and type in negatives if you have them.

Insert Your Prescription Values Here!

Here is our internet page where you can purchase your RX swim goggles: Prescription swimming goggles for Adult or Kids prescription goggles

Top Selling prescription swimming goggles

Speedo Vanquisher Optical Swim Goggles

Speedo Vanquisher Optical Swim Goggles

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Tyr Corrective Optical Swim Goggles

Tyr Corrective Optical Swim Goggles

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20 Reviews

Brands that make prescription swimming goggles

prescription swimming goggles for kids

Yes Speedo makes prescription swimming goggles for kids >>> item 7500602

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Latest News this category

2/07/2015 - Speedo Item 7500601 has become our #1 selling swim goggles this week.

Other terms used for prescription swimming goggles?

optical swimming goggles - rx swim goggles - corrective swim goggles


What do I do if I have two different prescription?

This is a very common question and you have basically two choices. 1) you can choose brands like Aqua Sphere or View goggles that sell independent lenses. 2) For the brands that sell the complete goggles, most of customers actually purchase 2 pairs with different prescriptions, and then interchange the lenses.