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Swim Parkas


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Swim Parkas

Youth and adult swim parkas are something all swimmers can appreciate. If you are spending long hours at the pool, parkas are the perfect piece of apparel to wear before, after, and in between swims. Swim team parkas also protect the aquatic athlete from the elements. Using water resistant fabrics designed to repel water and a variety of linings that are designed to hold body heat in, swimming parkas are ideal for protection from wind, cold and moisture.

A quality design is another factor swimmers look for when choosing a parkas. Most designs of today's parkas come with front and back venting for air circulation, lined pockets specifically designed for cell phones and mp3 players, and adjustable straps, Velcro closures, snaps and zippers to provide a comfortable and quality fit. You can also custom design swim team parkas to fit all your club needs.

At Swim2000, you'll find an array of swim parkas for sale from many of the top brand names. Pick from stock designed parkas, or customize a one for your club or team needs. Whatever you desire, our representatives will work with you to provide you with the parka that best suit your individual or team needs.

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