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8 Reviews

Aqua Sphere Alpha Fins


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product details

Made with injection molded, non-water logging EVA foam that enhances buoyancy and repels water, Aqua Sphere Alpha Fins provide a soft, comfortable fit and a buoyancy factor that enables a swimmer to maintain a higher body position in the water for a more efficient swim workout.

Key features include:
  • The Aqua Sphere Alpha Fins provides isolated leg workout.
  • Buoyancy improves body position
  • Water channels provide stability and maximum power transfer
  • Dedicated right and left fins with full arch support
  • Made of non-waterlogging, EVA foam

Shoe size equivalents:

  • XXS = Women - US 4-5 / EU 35-39
  • XS = Women - US 6-8 / EU 37-41 --- Men - US 4-6 / EU 35-39
  • S = Women - US 8-10 / EU 41-43 --- Men - US 6-8 / EU 39-41
  • M = Women - US 10-12 / EU 43-45 --- Men - US 8-10 / EU 41-44
  • L = Women - US 12-13 / EU 45-46 --- Men - US 10-11.5 / EU 44-45
  • XL = Women - US 13-14 / EU 46-47 --- Men - US 11.5-13 / EU 45-46
  • XXL = Men - US 13-14 / EU 46-47

Please be advised that this material will shrink if exposed to high temperatures, 95 degrees and up.


(8 Reviews)

New Equipment


These were exactly what we were looking for, we are very excited to have these in our facility to offer to our patrons. I know these aren't new on the market but the price and timing was perfect!!

aqua sphere


design is ok...unsure for what? I did not feel any of the benefits advertised

The best fins ever.

Kurt V., Eugene, OR

Sizing has changed over the years. An XL is now a XXL.

Aqua Sphere Alpha Fins

Mary-helen H, Grande Prairie, Alberta,

I've had my alpha fins for about four years now, and I'm pretty well addicted to them. They're still like brand new. They're so lightweight and buoyant that they can almost double as a pull buoy if you do pulling and cross your ankles. I like to alternate pull laps with streamline kick laps. They are the very best for taking travelling since they add practically no weight to your suitcase. I absolutely love them!

Aquasphere Fins

Mark Wheeler, Inverness, FL

I have used Kiefer' fins, Zoomers and Z2 zoomer fins which are good products. These Aquasphere fins are my A#1 fins, soft, easy on/off, great propulsion, no burn/friction on toes, light to transport, easy to clean, makes my distance swims fly by...

Aqua Fins


look and feel great on, will try them in the British Virgins

Aqua sheer fins

JOHN BURTON, Village of Lakewood, IL

Consider getting the next larger size

alpha Fins


Although I've only worn them once, I think I'm going to like them very much. They are extremely lightweight, and many of my pool friends rave about them.