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Swim Bike Run

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Gear up for race day and leave your competitors in the dust with "Swim, Bike, Run" by your side! As you stand among hundreds or even thousands of fellow athletes, all with the same goal of conquering the triathlon, you'll know that you've got a secret weapon - the invaluable advice and insights packed into this book.

Written by a seasoned triathlete, "Swim, Bike, Run" is your go-to resource for fine-tuning your training and becoming a more efficient athlete. With a wealth of custom workouts and training programs, you'll have the flexibility to tailor your routine to different race distances and conditions, replicating the challenges of the big day and elevating your performance to new heights.

What sets this book apart is the personal touch - the author shares his own experiences, triumphs, and challenges, motivating you to grow and push beyond your limits. He emphasizes that the change to improve your triathlon training comes from within; you have the power to drive yourself to greatness.

So, if you're ready to take charge of your training and unleash your full potential, "Swim, Bike, Run" is the ultimate guide to get you there. With 264 pages of expert advice, personal anecdotes, and a passion for excellence, this book is your key to unlocking results you'll be immensely proud of. Don't wait another moment; invest in yourself and seize the opportunity to become the triathlete you've always aspired to be!

  • Customize your routine with different workouts
  • and equipment into your workouts for the best results. Customize your routine with different programs for different race distances/conditions to mimic the big day.
  • Of course, Hobson also includes what he's learned from his own personal experiences so that you can grow, too! He makes it clear that making the change to improve your own triathlon training comes from you; you have to be motivated to want it. So take the first step and invest in Swim, Bike, Run for results that you'll be proud of!
  • 264 pages.
  • Personal anecdotes from the author
  • 264 pages