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Brand: Finis

Finis Backstroke Start Wedge

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An affordable way to practice proper backstroke race starts before the big meet. The FINIS Backstroke Start Wedge is FINA-compliant, allowing it to be used for training and competition for an explosive start without slipping. The Backstroke Start Wedge can be set up in multiple ways to fit all standard starting blocks with easy adjustability for the swimmer to get their desired height with five different settings.

  • The most affordable way for swimmers to practice with a backstroke wedge before championship meets
  • Adds power and agility to the backstroke start and eliminates slipping
  • Compatible with single-post, two-post, four-post and large-base blocks
  • Swimmers can easily customize the wedge height through 5 different settings
  • FINA FR 2.10-compliant, Developed in collaboration with Vince Harris at WEDG Swim Start Systems (County Cork, Ireland)