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Brand: Finis

FINIS Smart Goggle Kit

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Original price $199.00
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Color: Blue Mirror

Product ID: 130


Get ready to dive into the future of swim technology with the quirky and innovative FINIS Smart Goggle Kit! This kit is like having your own personal swim coach right in your goggles. Forget manual lap counting and tracking – the Smart Coach does it all, from monitoring laps, splits, and rest to analyzing stroke type and rate. And that's not all – with the Ciye™ app, you can review detailed workout data, customize your digital display, and sync with your favorite fitness apps. The digital display on the goggles shows real-time information without obstructing your view, and the kit includes everything you need: goggles, Smart Coach module, charging cable, nose bridges, and a protective case. Say goodbye to the ordinary and dive into the extraordinary world of the FINIS Smart Goggle Kit!


  • NEW! HEAD POSITION: Post-workout, connect your goggles to the Ciyeâ„¢ app and view a 3D video of your head motion over the course of your entire swim. You will see every breath, turn, and twitch of your head. Either look for areas in which you can improve or just admire your beautiful head position.
  • SMART COACH: In-goggle Smart Coach tracks laps, splits, rest, calories, stroke type, stroke rate, and more, so swimmers can focus on swimming, not counting. No watch needed.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: The digital display allows swimmers to see a running clock, lap count, splits, stroke rate, and rest at a glance, in the corner of their eye. Customizable views enable swimmers to adjust the display based on optical needs.
  • CIYEâ„¢ APP: The Ciyeâ„¢ app lets you review in-depth workout details, customize your Smart Coach digital display, share your workouts with friends, and sync to popular fitness apps like Apple Health, Strava, and Available through the Apple Store or Google Play.
  • REPLACEABLE GOGGLES: Scratched lens? Broken goggles? No problem! The Smart Coach can be easily transferred between goggles for easy and affordable goggle replacement.
  • PREMIUM DESIGN: Sleek, comfortable, low-profile goggles reduce drag and won’t leak. Single button interface, chemical-resistant anti-fog, multiple nose bridge sizes, and adjustable strap make for an easy and enjoyable experience.
  • IN THE BOX: This kit includes: goggles, Smart Coach module, magnetic USB charging cable, six interchangeable nose bridges, and protective carrying case.


  • Rinse your goggles and Smart Coach in cool non-chlorinated water after each use
    • We recommend removing the Smart Coach module from the goggle and rinsing each separately to ensure both are free of chemicals and debris.
    • Please avoid any contact with the inner lens to ensure the integrity of the anti-fog.
  • Drying your goggles
    • Air dry goggles completely before inserting the Smart Coach back into position.
    • Pat dry the Smart Coach with a soft dry cloth.
  • Storing your goggles
    • Please store your Smart Goggle in a cool dry environment.
    • Do not place wet goggles inside the protective caring case.
  • Charging
    • Do NOT charge your Smart Coach while the device is still wet.
  • To avoid corrosion
    • Once a month, clean the metal connectors on the Smart Coach with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth or cotton swab.
  • If you have additional questions, visit