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Brand: Blueseventy

Female 2022 Sprint Fullsuit

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Original price $275.00
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Original price $275.00
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Current price $220.00
Color: Black
Size: WL

Product ID: WSSFSW


Unleash your open water potential with the Blueseventy Female 2022 Sprint Fullsuit – your ultimate companion for comfortable and high-performance swimming. Designed to thrive in waters with a minimum temperature of 55°F/12.5°C, this wetsuit takes your aquatic experience to the next level.

Enhanced Comfort: Say goodbye to chafing and discomfort. The improved neckline not only minimizes chafing but also maintains a secure seal, preventing any unwanted water entry. Stay focused on your swim without distractions.

Unrestricted Flexibility: Unleash your true potential with the updated flexible upper and oversized arm gussets. Featuring super stretch jersey, these innovations offer exceptional flexibility, allowing you to glide through the water with grace and power.

Optimal Buoyancy: Experience optimized buoyancy that propels you forward with every stroke. This fullsuit is engineered to enhance your body position, ensuring you're in the best position for efficient and effective swimming.

Total Freedom: Flexible shoulders let you move with complete freedom. Embrace your strokes without limitations, and revel in the sensation of unrestricted movement.

Speed and Durability: The Super Composite Skin coating on the hips, legs, and arms isn't just for show. It creates a hydrophobic barrier that boosts your speed by reducing drag. Plus, it's built to withstand the elements, ensuring lasting durability.

Embrace the open water like never before with the Blueseventy Female 2022 Sprint Fullsuit. Don't just swim – conquer. Elevate your performance, and let every stroke take you closer to victory. Get ready to make waves in style! 

  • Improved Neckline
  • Updated Flexible Upper
  • Optimized Buoyancy
  • Flexible Shoulders
  • Thin Arms