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Brand: Tyr

Tyr Fusion 2 Racer Brief

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Color: Black
Size: 20

Product ID: RFUS6A


Sure, swimming is more than just a sport; it's a way of life. And when it comes to your racing suit, it should be more than just fabric stitched together. Introducing the Tyr Fusion 2 Racer Male - your partner in aquatic excellence!

Hydrophobic Marvel: This suit is like a superhero in the water. It's hydrophobic, which means it repels water like a boss. Plus, the low-profile flatlock stitching keeps you streamlined.

Get Ready to Glide: Want to reduce drag and maximize your water performance? Look no further. The Tyr Fusion 2 Racer is your ticket to slicing through the water like a champion.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Tyr doesn't mess around when it comes to innovation. With features like Fabrication Logic, Fluid Channel Dynamics, and Isolated Compression technology, this suit is designed for superior flow, glide efficiency, and speed.

It's FINA Approved: When you're wearing the Tyr Fusion 2, you're wearing something that's FINA approved. That means it meets the highest standards in competitive swimming.

Built to Perform: Crafted from a blend of 79% polyester and 21% LYCRA® Fiber, this suit is engineered for performance. Dive in, feel the speed, and conquer the water!

In the pool or the open water, the Tyr Fusion 2 Racer is more than a swimsuit; it's your competitive edge. Get ready to break records and make waves!

  • Showcasing hydrophobic construction and low-profile flatlock stitching.
  • The Tyr Fusion 2 Racer Male reduces drag for maximized performance in the water.
  • Combined with tried-and-true innovations like Fabrication Logic and Fluid Channel Dynamics, Fusion 2 speed suits allow for superior flow, while calenderized Isolated Compression technology provides more glide efficiency and increased speed.
  • TYR Fabrication: 79% Polyester / 21% LYCRA® Fiber

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