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Brand: Tyr

TYR Men's Shockwave High-Waist Jammer Swimsuit - Camo

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Color: BLACK
Size: 28

Product ID: SWHW6A


Unleash Your Swimming Potential with the TYR Men's Shockwave High-Waist Jammer Swimsuit - Camo

Experience the pinnacle of performance with the TYR Men's Shockwave High-Waist Jammer Swimsuit in a bold camo design. This advanced swimsuit is designed to enhance your swimming capabilities and push your limits in the water.

Technical Performance Redefined: The Shockwaveâ„¢ suit is not just a swimsuit; it's a precision-engineered tool for swimmers seeking the utmost performance. Its high-compression design is powered by Shockwave Dual Fabrication, which strategically stabilizes your muscles and provides structured flexibility. This innovation minimizes drag and creates natural lift, ensuring optimal body positioning for unparalleled performance in the water.

Elevate Your Kick: The innovative Hamstring Snapback Tapingâ„¢ technology in the suit captures and harnesses energy from each kick, propelling you forward with every stroke. This propulsion technology enhances your efficiency and speed, allowing you to cover more distance with less effort.

Built for Excellence: The TYR Men's Shockwave High-Waist Jammer Swimsuit features a range of cutting-edge features, including 360° stretch for unrestricted movement, speedy drying fabrication for comfort, smooth leg grippers for a secure fit, and maximum compression to support your muscles during intense training sessions. This suit is also FINA approved, ensuring its compliance with competitive swim standards.

Surface Lift Technology for Hydrodynamics The incorporation of Surface Lift Technology further enhances your hydrodynamics, reducing water resistance and improving your overall speed.

Experience the Future of Swimming: With its 20mm Supersonic Flex Bonding and FINA approval, the TYR Men's Shockwave High-Waist Jammer Swimsuit guarantees you a competitive edge and the confidence to perform at your best. Dive into the water and experience the future of swimming with TYR's advanced technology and innovation.

  • Surface lift technology
  • Shockwave Hamstring Snapback Tapingâ„¢
  • 20mm supersonic flex bonding
  • FINA Approved
  • 360° stretch