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Brand: Tyr

TYR Men's Venzo High-Waist Jammer Swimsuit - Camo

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Original price $399.99
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Original price $399.99
Current price $319.99
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Current price $319.99
Color: BLACK
Size: 25

Product ID: VZCHW6A


Prepare to conquer the water realm with the TYR Men's Venzo High-Waist Jammer Swimsuit in the mesmerizing Camo pattern. This isn't just a swimsuit; it's a triumph of aquatic engineering that will redefine your performance in the water. Crafted with precision and innovation, its ultra-smooth fiber fabric creates an enchanting blend of minimal drag and unwavering durability, setting the stage for aquatic excellence. Envelop yourself in the embrace of Surface Lift Technologyâ„¢, a masterstroke that keeps water at bay, elevating your body's position for an unmatched hydrodynamic advantage. The Endo Max Compression Cageâ„¢, a marvel of support, targets your abdominal, oblique, and quadricep muscles, propelling you further with every stroke. Seamlessly integrated, the Seamless Exo Shellâ„¢ takes your form to new heights, channeling your energy for maximum efficiency. Proudly made in the U.S.A with 70% Nylon and 30% Lycra Spandex, this suit is more than fabric; it's a testament to your aquatic prowess.

  • Surface Lift Technologyâ„¢
  • Endo Max Compression Cageâ„¢
  • Seamless Exo Shellâ„¢
  • Seamless Exo Shellâ„¢