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Brand: Tyr

Tyr Mens Mezio Racer Duralast Elite

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Current price $31.99
Color: Teal/Multi
Size: 38

Product ID: RMEZ7A


Dive into the aquatic arena with the power-packed Tyr Mens Mezio Racer Duralast Elite swimsuit! This isn't just a swimsuit; it's your personal hydrodynamic weapon. Crafted with the mighty Durafast Elite® magic, this swimsuit laughs in the face of chlorine, scoffs at fading colors, and wields an anti-microbial lining that makes sure you stay fresher than a sea breeze. It's like having a superhero suit for your swim sessions! Glide through the water with the elegance of an otter wearing a tailored tuxedo – the sleek design grants you the agility of a merman on a mission. So, whether you're training for the Olympics or just aiming to impress the neighborhood dolphins, the Mezio Racer is your aquatic ally, your amphibious amigo, your waterborne warrior.

  • Durafast Elite
  • 100% chlorine-proof and colorfast design
  • anti-microbial lining