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Brand: Tyr

Tyr Midnght Sht Unlin 7

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Color: NAVY
Size: S

Product ID: MUSUMC3A


Embark on epic aquatic adventures with the TYR Midnight Short Unlined 7 and unleash your inner water warrior! These shorts are the ultimate blend of comfort, functionality, and sustainability, making them your perfect companion for aquatic escapades. Say goodbye to soggy discomfort with the sweat-wicking comfort waistband that keeps you dry and focused on conquering the waves. The Hydrosphere Fabric, crafted from sustainable 4-way stretch material, not only repels water like a superhero but also offers a velvety softness and unbeatable durability. Stay cool and breezy with the vented side-hem, allowing refreshing airflow to tickle your skin as you ride the waves. Thanks to the innovative Speed Dry Technology, you'll be drying off faster than a mermaid with a blow dryer, ensuring you're always ready for the next thrilling adventure. With the interlocking 4-way stretch fabric, you'll have the freedom to perform daring maneuvers, twists, and turns without any restrictions. Plus, the sweat-wicking comfort waistband is like a loyal sidekick, keeping you comfortable and focused on unleashing your aquatic prowess. So, gear up, embrace your inner aqua-hero, and let the TYR Midnight Short Unlined 7 be your trusty sidekick on every water-filled quest!

  • Hydrosphere Fabric is made with sustainable 4-way stretch material for a high water repellant yet soft and durable finish
  • Vented side-hem for addiitonal airflow
  • Speed Dry Technology
  • Interlocking 4-way stretch fabric
  • Sweat-wicking comfort waistband