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Brand: Tyr


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Stay Stylish and Protected with TYR Apollo Lifestyle Sunglasses! 

When you're out in the sun, whether you're training, competing, or just enjoying some leisure time, it's important to have sunglasses that not only look great but also provide reliable protection. That's where the TYR Apollo Lifestyle Sunglasses come in. Here's why these sunglasses are a must-have:

No-Slip TPE Grip: These sunglasses are designed with TYR's No-Slip TPE Grip rubber padding. This means they provide multi-directional traction, ensuring they stay in place no matter how intense your activities get. You can push the pace with confidence, knowing your sunglasses won't budge.

Ergo Sport Shaping: TYR understands the needs of athletes, and that's why these sunglasses feature Ergo Sport Shaping. They offer the perfect fit for athletes, providing both comfort and durability. You can wear them during your most rigorous workouts or competitions.

High-Tensile Strength Frames: The frames of these sunglasses are made from lightweight HTS (High Tensile Strength) material. This blend of strength and flexibility ensures that your sunglasses can handle the demands of your active lifestyle.

UV Protection: Protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is crucial, and these sunglasses have you covered. They feature a UV Protection Coating, shielding your eyes from the sun's harmful rays.

Not only do the TYR Apollo Lifestyle Sunglasses provide the protection and performance you need, but they also look great. So, whether you're at the pool, on the track, or just soaking up the sun, you can do it in style and with the peace of mind that your eyes are well-protected. Stay stylish and protected with TYR Apollo Lifestyle Sunglasses!

  • Nylon frame
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • UV Protection Coating
  • Lightweight HTS (High Tensile Strength)
  • No-Slip TPE Grip rubber padding