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Brand: Tyr

TYR Women's Venzo Genesis USA Open Back Technical Swimsuit

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Color: USA
Size: 23

Product ID: VZNOBU6A


Introducing the TYR Women's Venzo Genesis USA Open Back Technical Swimsuit – where innovation meets pride and performance! 🇺🇸

Unleash Your Potential: This isn't just a swimsuit; it's a game-changer. TYR has taken swimwear technology to a whole new level. As the first technical suit in the industry to analyze drag from a microscopic perspective, this swimsuit utilizes ultra-smooth fibers to create a frictionless, durable fabric.

Stay on the Surface: With Surface Lift Technology, this suit keeps you on top of the water where you belong. Say goodbye to water permeating your fabric and hello to a higher body position in the water. You'll glide through the pool like never before.

Built for Performance: A patent-pending taping and inner textile design provide a shield of support for your abdominals, obliques, and quadriceps. This design not only gives you a snapback effect in the water but also helps increase your distance per stroke. It's like having a secret weapon in the pool.

Comfort and Stability: The Venzo's bonded Endless Straps are a marvel of comfort and stability. They move effortlessly with you as you conquer the water, providing the perfect combination of support and comfort.

Wear Your Pride: And let's not forget the patriotic touch – the USA design on this suit lets you show your pride while you dominate in the pool.

Don't settle for ordinary. Elevate your swimming game with the TYR Women's Venzo Genesis USA Open Back Technical Swimsuit. 

  • TYR Fabrication: 70% Nylon / 30% Lycra Spandex
  • Ultra smooth fiber to thread a frictionless, durable fabric
  • Surface Lift Technology
  • Support for the abdominals, obliques and quadriceps
  • Bonded Endless Straps provide athletes with comfort and stability