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Brand: Tyr

TYR Venzo Phantom Oblivion Men's High Waist Jammer

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Color: Black
Size: 23

Product ID: VPOHW6A


Unleash your potential in the pool with the TYR Venzo Phantom Oblivion Men's High Waist Jammer. Crafted for those who strive for excellence, this jammer is your ticket to superior performance and unmatched style.

Stay Ahead of the Game: The TYR Venzo Phantom Oblivion Men's High Waist Jammer is your partner in staying ahead of the competition. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this jammer prevents water from permeating the fabric, allowing your body to achieve a higher position in the water. Dive in with confidence as you lead the way.

Streamlined Power: Experience the power of smooth fiber that's not just frictionless but incredibly durable. With mid-leg compression level, this jammer offers exceptional support, reducing drag underwater. Feel the difference as you glide with ease and increase distance per stroke.

Elevate Your Swim: Designed with precision, the Venzo Frictionless Fiber Construction ensures controlled muscle undulation and minimized drag. Feel the water respond to your every movement as you effortlessly cut through, powered by this innovative construction.

Reach New Heights: The Surface Lift Technology is your secret weapon for maintaining a higher body position in the water. By preventing water permeation, it enhances your hydrodynamics, enabling you to achieve peak performance with each stroke.

An Emblem of Excellence: Crafted from a blend of 70% Nylon and 30% Lycra Spandex, the TYR Venzo Phantom Oblivion Men's High Waist Jammer is more than just swimwear; it's a symbol of excellence. This jammer embodies TYR's commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining swimwear technology.

Take the Lead: Step onto the pool deck with the TYR Venzo Phantom Oblivion Men's High Waist Jammer and take command of your swim destiny. Lead with confidence, cut through the water with precision, and leave a trail of excellence in your wake. Rise above the competition and conquer the waters like never before. 

  • TYR Fabrication: 70% Nylon / 30% Lycra Spandex
  • High Waist
  • Mid Legs Compression Level
  • Venzo Frictionless Fiber Construction - for controlled muscle undulation and reduced drag
  • Surface Lift Technology - Prevents water from permeating the fabric for higher body position in the water