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Brand: Tyr

TYR Venzo Phantom Oblivion Men's Jammer

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Color: Black
Size: 27

Product ID: VPOLW6A


Experience the pinnacle of swimwear technology with the TYR Venzo Phantom Oblivion Men's Jammer. This jammer is not just swimwear; it's a testament to innovation that propels you to swim like a true champion.

Unleash Your Potential: The TYR Venzo Phantom Oblivion Men's Jammer is designed to redefine your swim experience. With cutting-edge technology, this jammer minimizes drag and prevents water permeation for a superior body position in the water. Dive in with the confidence of a true champion.

Precision Compression: Embrace the mid-leg compression level that offers exceptional support for your glutes and muscles. This feature ensures that you harness your power effectively, propelling you through the water with every stroke.

Unrivaled Construction: TYR's commitment to excellence is evident in the Venzoâ„¢ Frictionless Fiber Constructionâ„¢. This construction not only controls muscle undulation but also reduces drag, enabling you to glide effortlessly through the water.

Elevate Your Position: Benefit from the Surface Lift Technologyâ„¢, a groundbreaking feature that prevents water from permeating the fabric. This results in a higher body position in the water, ensuring you cut through with unmatched efficiency.

Seamless Flexibility: The 20mm Supersonic Flex Bonding takes your comfort to the next level. Seamlessly conforming and stretching with your body, this technology ensures you move with unrestricted freedom, optimizing your performance.

Engineered for Success: Crafted with a blend of 70% Nylon and 30% Lycra Spandex, the TYR Venzo Phantom Oblivion Men's Jammer is more than just swimwear; it's a masterpiece of engineering. This jammer embodies TYR's dedication to pushing boundaries and redefining swim excellence.

Rise Above: Elevate your swim game with the TYR Venzo Phantom Oblivion Men's Jammer. Dive in and experience the next level of swim innovation. Rise above the competition and propel yourself towards victory in a jammer designed to empower your performance. 

  • TYR Fabrication: 70% Nylon / 30% Lycra Spandex
  • Mid Legs Compression
  • Venzoâ„¢ Frictionless Fiber Constructionâ„¢ - Controlled muscle undulation and reduced drag
  • Surface Lift Technologyâ„¢-Prevents water permeating the fabric for higher body position in water
  • 20mm Suppersonic Flex Bonding - Seams conform and stretch with the swimmer's body