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Swedish Goggles

Swedish Goggles have been around 50 years

Swedish goggles are the # 1 choice for all competitive swimmers. Small, Easy to assemble - they have almost no drag when swimming competitively. They are also very comfortable when adjusted correctly.

When paired with bungee straps - You can probably wear  Swedish Goggles forever, although you will get tired of them before they break. You may want to mix and match colors for variety. Indeed, check out the new colors of our Swedish goggles for sale that just came out Jewel Swedish goggles.

Also, many people prefer to cut extra goggle straps and use them as a nose piece, rather than use the standard Swedish Competition Swimming Goggle piece.

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Speedo Solid Endurance Brief

Original Swedish Goggles

$5.99 7.99

16 Reviews

Speedo Solid Endurance Brief

Arena Swedix Goggles

$15.92 19.90

1 Review

Speedo Solid Endurance Brief

Speedo Swedish Goggles

$12.79 15.99

1 Review