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SWIM2000 Has a New Look - Shop and Save Today!
SWIM2000 Has a New Look - Shop and Save Today!
Brand: Finis

Finis Bolster Paddles

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If you are looking to perfect your stroke and increase your power and efficiency, then consider the FINIS Bolster Paddles. By promoting an early vertical forearm position, the Bolster Paddles encourage utilization of the entire forearm during the pull for a more uniform application of force and longer peak velocity. This tool aids in muscle memory of proper hand, wrist and forearm position for stroke specific strength training.

  • Increases stroke efficiency through an early vertical forearm
  • Creates and sustains longer peak velocity through stroke pull
  • Easy-adjust velcro strap
  • Versatile tool for all 4 strokes
  • Promotes muscle memory of good positioning habits