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Brand: Finis

FINIS Forearm Fulcrums Paddles Sr.

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Original price $28.00
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Product ID: 105028


Always aim to improve your technique. The Finis Forearm Fulcrums will help you steadily improve stroke efficiency through repetition and training. An item that restricts wrist movement and subtly promotes a high elbow stroke and powerful pull. This is a swim tool that most wont give a second thought, due to the popularity of swim paddles, but should definitely not be overlooked.

  • Figure-eight design develops correct stroke muscle memory and prevents shoulder stress
  • Specifically designed for stroke refinement and technique focus
  • Promotes an early vertical forearm (EVF) position and increases stroke efficiency
  • Calls for a high catch by lifting the elbow, ideal for open water and triathlon training
  • Versatile tool for butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle