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Jumping Into Plyometrics

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Let America's leading authority on plyometrics help you tap into explosive power training with the Jumping Into Plyometrics.

  • You'll learn not only how to improve vertical and linear jumping abilities, but also how to increase upperbody strength.
  • Author Donald Chu shows you how to improve quickness, speed, and jumping ability while gaining greater coordination, body control, and balance through the use of plyometric training.
  • In addition, to explaining basic muscle physiology, how plyometrics works, and how to design the ideal plyometric training program for your sport.
  • Dr. Chu shares 90 fully illustrated exercised from the seven categories of plyometrics exercises. But more important, he reveals five of the most effective exercises for 19 specific sports, as well as the equipment needed, the starting position, and the action sequence of the exercise.
  • Jumping Into Plyometrics is the most complete ever written on plyometrics.