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SWIM2000 Has a New Look - Shop and Save Today!
SWIM2000 Has a New Look - Shop and Save Today!
Brand: Tyr

Tyr Hydrofoil Kickboard

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Color: Black

Product ID: LHYDKB


Engineered for elite level training, the Hydrofoil Kickboard provides a natural body position in the water, that's true to race form.

  • increases control over kinetic movement in the water during kick sessions
  • allows upper body to move in conjunction with lower body for an authentic swim experience
  • angled cutouts allow hands to mimic pull-through stroke position
  • convex hull design allows for natural movement while maintaining direction
  • Hydrofoil Kick Board allow forearms to rest comfortably, while the perfect buoyancy keeps swimmers in the proper position in the water at all times.

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