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Brand: Tyr

TYR Men's Venzo High Jammer - USA Blackout Camo

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Current price $200.00
Color: USA
Size: 24

Product ID: VZCUHW6A


Elevate your swim game to unprecedented heights with the TYR Venzoâ„¢ High Jammer - USA Blackout Camo. This cutting-edge technical swimsuit redefines performance, blending innovation with style in a camo high waist jammer design.

Revolutionary Speed: Experience the water like never before as you slice through it with unrivaled speed. The Surface Lift Technologyâ„¢ incorporated into this suit is your secret weapon against water resistance. By preventing water permeation and optimizing your body position, it gives you the edge you need to dominate.

Unleash Power: The Endo Max Compression Cage™ empowers you with explosive force. It's not just about support – it's about unleashing potential. Targeting your abdominal, oblique, and quadricep muscles, it translates your effort into extended strokes, propelling you forward with each movement.

Streamlined Mastery: Enter the water with confidence, knowing the Seamless Exo Shellâ„¢ is enhancing your hydrodynamics. Streamlined and agile, it ensures your every stroke is efficient, free from unnecessary resistance.

Built for Excellence: Crafted from a frictionless, durable fabric blend of 70% Nylon and 30% Lycra Spandex, the TYR Venzoâ„¢ High Jammer is a testament to quality. Manufactured in the USA using imported materials, it represents the pinnacle of swimwear engineering.

Conquer the Waters: When you demand more from your swimwear, the TYR Venzo™ High Jammer - USA Blackout Camo delivers. Dive in, harness its advanced technology, and conquer the water with newfound power and precision. Let your swim be defined by excellence. 

  • Surface Lift Technology
  • Endo Max Compression Cage
  • Seamless Exo Shell
  • 70% Nylon / 30% Lycra Spandex