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Brand: Water Gear

Swim Cap Jazz

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Color: Red/White/Blue

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  • COMFORTABLE FIT - We make sure to design our caps and swim gear with comfort being a priority. This bathing cap for swimming won' snap and is lighter than our traditional silicone caps allowing for more breathability.
  • WON'T PULL YOUR HAIR - Our silicone material swim caps are perfect for anyone with long or short hair. We design our caps for performance and comfort! Our swim caps do just that and do not pull your hair.
  • INCREASE YOUR PERFORMANCE - Use these silicone swim caps to tuck your hair and swim goggles into. This will lead to less drag and will shave precious seconds off your lap time!
  • KEEP YOUR GOGGLES IN PLACE - Our swim caps are designed with stretch material without giving up any of the integrity to easily fit your goggle straps underneath!
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST - The silicone pool cap is made up of an elastic material that makes our swimming cap fit for most. It has a stretch ability to fit women and mens hair.

Enjoy Your Swimming with Water Gear Silicone Wrinkle Free
Cap That Doesn’t Snag Are you sick and tired with swimming caps which don’t
fit and the wrinkles causing damage to your hair? You will have difficult
times to focus on your swimming when your swimming cap pulls your hair,
causing it to break, as well as the annoying material that wrinkles unevenly.
Swimming should be relaxing and entertaining and a good way to train your
body, but not when all these struggles get in your way. Water Gear have
dedicated years of research in order to perfect products to help you overcome
the most common issues you’re facing when going for a swim, coming up with a
solution suited for men, women and children. Our goal is to provide the avid
water enthusiast with the best quality equipment at the most reasonable
amount. Protective, Silicone Swimming Cap for Men and Women You can protect
your hair from chlorine with this durable swim cap made from flexible silicone
and designed to fit comfortably without any snagging or pulling. Style
available in outstanding Water Gear solid colors. Choose a color that
expresses YOU. :) Read more Water Gear Offers Multiple Color Options Water
Gear swimming cap comes in two different reversible colors. It includes an
insane amount of colors and designs to make sure that each cap fits every
swimmers' unique style. Blue/Jade Water Gear Adult Swimming Cap Blue Purple
Adult Swimming Cap Yellow/White Adult Swimming Cap Red/White Adult Swimming
Cap Green/White Adult Swimming Cap Blue/Purple Adult Swimming Cap Blue Adult
Swimming Cap Orange Yellow Adult Swimming Cap How to Wear Our High-Quality
Silicone Adult Swim Cap You can swim comfortably and confidently when sporting
this Water Gear Silicone Swim Cap. Our women and men silicone swim cap are
built to accommodate and protect long hair, thick hair, braided hair, etc.
Asymmetrically designed to create more space. Tie up your hair with elastic
(Do not wear any sharp hair accessories.) Stretch the cap with your hands. Put
the cap on your head and stretch it over your head. Adjust a comfortable
position to keep perfect fits. Read more Long Hair Wrinkle-Free Swim Cap The
swim caps unique asymmetric design effortlessly accommodates long hair, while
reducing pressure around the head. There is also an improved contour cut
around the ears. Water Gear long hair swim caps are extremely comfortable and
durable. It effectively reduces drag in the water and maximizes your speed.
Choose from an array of elegant colors. Feel Good with Water Gear Swim Cap for
Adults and Youth! Besides being lightweight and durable, its elastic
properties allow the cap to fit sizes varying from S to XL, whether your hair
is long or short! These Swimming Caps for Women can also be used by Men and
are created to protect your ears and hair from bacteria, chloride and other
substances in the water. Exceptional Durablity and Comfort Multi Silicone Swim
Cap is more than just a fashion statement. Designed with a precision fit for
reduced drag and tear resistance, our Swim Caps are made to slide on easily
and stay on. Ideal for children and adults, our Swim Cap features durable and
long lasting color and a playful design for the water. Durable Swimming Cap
That Fits Most Sizes Our Swim Cap it's ergonomically designed and easy to put
on without snagging your hair. These Swim Caps for Long Hair won’t cause any
breakage and won’t wrinkle. Made with a precision fit for reduced drag and
tear resistance. The Water Gear yellow silicone swimming cap is built to last
many seasons. Make sure you take proper care of our caps and there's no reason
they won't last! Product Tips 1. Rinse the swim cap in fresh cold water and
then dry it after each use. 2. Do not exposed to direct sunlight for long
time. 3. Avoid any sharp objects. Read more Water Gear Silicone Adult Swim Cap
- Flexible Unisex Waterproof - Yellow Water Gear Silicone Adult Swim Cap -
Flexible Unisex Waterproof - Blue/Blue Water Gear Silicone Adult Swim Cap -
Flexible Unisex Waterproof - Green/Black Water Gear Silicone Adult Swim Cap -
Flexible Unisex Waterproof - Yellow/White Water Gear Silicone Adult Swim Cap -
Flexible Unisex Waterproof - Yellow/Orange Water Gear Silicone Adult Swim Cap
- Flexible Unisex Waterproof - Blue/Jade

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